Increase Your Search Ranking With A Few Easy Steps

You might have noticed that your search rankings have been dropping. If you are like most people, you have no clue what to do about it. Well, more and more ranks are being based on what are called long tail key word phrases. So, if you are talking about a product, service or idea, try to use long tail keywords. You can also use internal linking. So many people are forgetting to link with these links. Doing so will help with SEO on your site. You can also use a reputation management company like the one found at this link:

You might have noticed that the website is now linked to that site. If you see that on the website of Reputation Management Fixers it is an internal link. If you were to see it somewhere else, it would be an external link. External links are important too, but, only link to an external site that is getting good SEO.

You will also want to speed up your website. Google and all the other search engines love a faster website. Remember that they also love when you update your website. It is best to do it as often as you can. By adding lots of current content, the search engines will rank you higher on the results page. Reputation Management Fixers can help you with your SEO too. They can help bury negative search results or manage reviews or countless other things.

There is much value in using a great online presence management service. They will help you increase your ranking and help to promote your good reputation. Regardless of if you have any negative reviews or not, it is still worth the price to make sure your reputation stays on the up and up in the light of the public eye. The folks at are experts at doing this and handling search engine optimization to get you the best results in the search engines. Let’s face it, that is how people get found and when you don’t have great SEO, you are leaving money on the table and doing your clients a disservice. Don’t get left out, contact Reputation Management Fixers today while it is fresh in your mind.


One of the biggest fears among Americans today is not having enough money for retirement. It is greater fear than the fear of death. If you would like to eradicate this fear from your life altogether, you should hire Midas Legacy consultants. Most people fear retirement since they will not have invested or saved enough money to provide for the rest of their lives, and they will be too old and weak to work. The Midas Legacy consultants take care of both those concerns. They will take care of your wealth and your health.

The company headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida offers each of its clients the type of success each would like to have. Some lean towards being healthier while some lean towards being richer. The company’s staff makes such options available. They have specialists in the firm to cater to a retiree’s needs. The first among them is Mr. Jim Samson, a successful entrepreneur, trader, a bestselling writer, and real estate specialist with about twenty years’ experience. The second is Mark Edwards who is an expert in natural and holistic healing. Third is Mr. Sean Bower who is a chief editor with many years’ experience as a business journalist. He uses his knowledge gathered from years of reporting financial news to offer investment advice.

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The Midas Legacy seeks to make individual’s life more balanced while at the same time ensuring economic prosperity. You cannot enjoy your wealth if you are always sick. And all the health in the world will not feel as good if you are not financially secure. Wealth management is of particular importance in a person’s later years since they often cannot do it themselves. There is also the issue of leaving an inheritance to loved ones, and life insurance is just not doing it for many people anymore. The Midas Legacy ensures the sum left to dependents is substantial, and you can spend it while you are here too.

Receiving passive income from your hard earned money is a much more viable option than spending your savings and hoping it does not run out. Specialization in wealth management on yields a lot of advantages and getting the right advice is worth a lot in ensuring your money grows beyond your time. The Midas Legacy team does a lot of research in investment vehicles to determine which one suits you and your dependents best. They will also help you donate to charities and be able to share your wealth with the less fortunate.

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The Importance of Marketing and Advertising

It can often be overlooked – the importance of advertising and marketing within a business. People do not always realize that if a business does not advertise the only way they are able to get their services out into the database is by word of mouth, and that can only go through a chain of so many people. It is important for business, especially up and coming business to invest some time and money into advertising and marketing. A viable option is to even a specialized person for their business whose primary focus is on advertising and marketing.

Nizan Mansur de Carvalho Guanaes Gomes is a Brazilian advertising executive. For short, his name is Nizan Guanaes. And he has become an advertising executive genius because he understands the importance of advertising and marketing within a business strategy. Guanaes is the co-found and partner of the ABC Group which is a company that helps out over 18 companies with operations ranging from advertising and marketing to content and entertainment.

Guanaes was voted one of the five most influential Brazilians by Financial Times in 2010, which is a list of creative individuals that exceeds one-hundred people. In Salvador, Bahia Guanaes was born in 1958. He went to college at Universidade Federal da Bahia and ended up graduating with a degree in business administration. With his business administration degree, he took to the streets to starts his marketing and advertising strategy to try and improve businesses that struggle in that area. Guanaes is able to use his creative mind to help each individual business market their business in the way that is best for them. No business is alike, so not every strategy will work for each business. Guanaes and his team help create unique strategies that will work for each individual business.

ClassDojo Raises over $21 Million in Venture Funding

ClassDojo is a classroom management platform established in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in San Francisco, California. According to the two co-founders, the platform was originally an educational technology business that would create a digital curriculum, testing platform and a grade books library. In time, what emerged was a free, easy-to-use application that created a community and culture between students, teachers and parents.


Though ClassDojo faced competition from a couple of other tech platforms including FreshGrade, Nearpod, Remind, Kickboard, and other sites that wanted to keep schools and the student’s parents connected, the company thrived, attracting more than 85,000 schools in the United States. These schools range from charter and private schools to some of the largest public schools in all the 50 states. Most users of the platform are kindergarten teachers through to 8th grade class teachers.


ClassDojo is more than just a communication platform. It is a site where parents, teachers and students share the occurrences of the school via the use of videos, photos and messages. Teachers use the space to bring more progressive ideas in education such as personalized learning and SEL to their classes, in ways that students love. It’s pretty much like a community of designers, engineers, educators, and students around the world, with deep background in charter and public schools as well as Google, Airbnb, Y Combinator, Facebook, Amazon, and many more.


The platform is loved by millions of students, teachers and parents in over two-third of schools in the United States and 180 countries in the world.


Recently, ClassDojo raised over $21 million in a Series B round of venture funding. This funds are expected to support a technology that will connect educators to students’ parents, allowing them to interact consistently with student’s social and behavioral development at school. As such, parents are acquainted of how their kids are behaving and experiencing at school all the time, rather than be asked to attend a once-per-semester meeting to discuss the progress of their kids in school.


According to the co-founder of the platform, the funds would be used to grow their team, figure out the kind of features and content that can be useful to parents, teachers and students who uses the platform, not only during the school day but also at home. ClassDojo has already raised more than $31 million in venture funding till to-date and has graduated from being an education technology accelerator to become part of the Y Combinator.

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My First Home Loan with this Dallas Bank

Home loans are hard to come by sometimes because there are a lot of people who are not able to get the loans they actually want. They get sucked into a vortex of problems that causes them to not be able to get a loan, and they might not have ever heard of these financial institutions. That have branches in the city near places where people live. They are creating places where anyone can get any service they need, and my first service was a home loan.

The home loan I wanted was for a house that you could actually see from downtown, and the person I talked to got really excited for me because they could see the house out their office window. She was very nice about the way that she helped me, and she kept me updated all along the way until I actually had a loan for the house that she could see.

Banking in Dallas has a lot of options, but using the hometown bank has been helpful for me because it showed me that you can get help without selling out to a bigger bank. I like the way that they work with me, and I like the fact that their branch welcomes me in at any time.

They also have an investment partner in Highland Capital Management. HCM started the bank to have a banking partner, and now they are working together to help people like me when they come through the doors of the branch. I like knowing that I can walk into the branch at any time to talk to my teller, and I like knowing that I do not have to fight the corporate culture of larger banks who would never give me a loan.


Why You Need to Try Wen by Chaz

Your hair can look a whole lot better when you begin to make use of a cleansing conditioner. A woman from Bustle just talked about her experience with cleansing conditioner and it has inspired a lot of people to make use of it themselves. The one product out there that is a top contender in this category is known as WEN Hair by Chaz. Wen by Chaz has been around for over a decade and has millions of people using its many formulas each and every day instead of their normal shampoo. If this has been something you are using or are considering using, it is a brand that you can trust.
One of the main things that sets Wen hair by Chaz apart from so many others is that it does not use the cleansing agents that you would find in normal shampoo. What this means is that you are essentially cleansing your hair with conditioner and that this is going to improve the quality of your hair because it is not being dried out with normal shampoo. Lots of people have gone to this method and are happy with the results they are able to achieve with this for themselves.

In order to learn more about Wen hair by Chaz and see if it is right for you, you can visit the Sephora website, or watch some of the many videos out there specific to the brand. This is a brand you can trust and one that you will feel confident in using each and every day instead of always slathering on the shampoo just to get your hair as clean as possible. There are lots of benefits to using Wen by Chaz, and this is why so many have made this product their go-to when it comes to the quality of their hair.

Read the Wen hair before & after results:


Using Securus to Keep in Constant Touch

When a good friend of mine went to prison, one thing that I realized was how difficult it was to get in contact with them. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that I then had to travel to the prison and this was not necessarily convenient for me at all. This is why I began to discover Securus and used it for myself. I didn’t realize how beneficial it was to use a service like Securus to keep in contact with my loved one who was in prison.

This was the time for me to take the initiative and know that Securus was right for the both of us. For example, it allowed me to keep in contact with my friend who was in prison securely and safely right from my own home. It prevented me from having to make long and annoying trips to the local prison just to be able to see them and let them know how everything was going while they were not able to be there themselves. This is why I have found Securus to be a beneficial option for anyone dealing with the prison system.

The wonderful thing about Securus is that it can also be quite affordable and does not need to be an overly expensive service to prison families. This is definitely a technology I do not regret finding and I will continue to use it so long as I need to. It allows me to keep in constant touch with loved ones and friends who cannot be in contact with me as closely as they would like. This service is totally secure and safe for anyone to use, allowing you to know you have made a decision on a good brand that is well-known for its quality.


Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Wengie’s Cat Cafe Adventure

Not to be confused with the traditional holy trinity, but how can one go wrong with drinks, food, and cats? Well, you really cannot, and Wengie sort of lives her life around the three staples, so when she found a cafe specializing in all three, there was no denying her happiness and willingness to take the trip.

Accompanied by her boyfriend, the team embarked on their journey to find this cafe. Though they had initially got lost and ended up at a dog cafe, it did not deter them from discovering their intended haven!

When they finally reached their intended destination, they were taken aback by the general beauty of the cafe. A place for indoor fishing, the enticing scent of delicious food, and an extensive list of drinks were small matters compared to what a fifteen dollar fee got them: Access to the cats! A massive room was full of play areas, dozens of sleeping and lively cats, and other people who shared the same love for felines. After some serious play and cuddle time, the couple could not withstand the delicious smells of the food any longer.

Lunch time was fairly promising and, judging by the couple’s delighted expressions, was fairly delicious! Of course, what is lunch without the promise of dessert? Clearly to Wengie and her beau, lunch is not complete without a tub of ice cream, and that is what the two attempted to polish off.

So, there you have it: People appreciate Wengie for her fashion and beauty knowledge, but they love her because of her love for animals–especially cats. Her compassionate soul radiates throughout her videos, and viewers cannot help but enjoy every sweet moment; the food is simply an added bonus.


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Work Stress Free In A Shared Office Space

via Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces
When an employee works in a co-working space their productivity tends to increase, because they are able to work as openly as they please. If an employee needs somewhere quiet to work for a couple hours they are free to do whatever they feel is necessary. Instead of feeling rushed and irritated, employees that go to co-working spaces arrive to work feeling relaxed and ready to start the day. Co-working spaces consist of employees from a large range of companies; meaning there is little to no need for internal competition. Each employee can come into work just as they are, and without the need of trying to out-do a fellow co-worker.

Workville is a co-working space located in New York City. At Workville NYC, they offer a friendly and flexible shared office space. If you wanted to you could have a meeting on one of the three terraces or even in the cafe. There is 24 hour access to the building, allowing you to choose what time of the day works best for you. If you need to have a large meeting, you can even host an event in the wonderfully lit lounge area.

There are many perks to Workville. First, employees are able to get out of the everyday average office, which allows new business ideas to spark. They can also come in to work whether its early in the morning or late at night. Second, working in a peaceful environment helps people craft their particular work in ways they wouldn’t be able to achieve in an everyday office. Lastly, working in a co-working space allows individuals the ability to work to their full potential and be more authentic with the work they turn in.

Employees who feel that they can be themselves at work tend to be more committed to their organization. Especially when the working environment is controlled and flexible; allowing workers to to focus on the task at hand. Co-working spaces are a great place to interact with the freelance and entrepreneur community, if you are seeking guidance. Many people pay to work in a communal place because of all the different connections you can make. The most common reason people work at co-working spaces is because you can choose when you’d like to work, there is no strict schedule. Co-working spaces are a great way for many individuals to exceed in the work place.

An Online Reputation Management Service for Successful Businesses


It is common practice to turn to the internet to learn things about anyone or anything
so it is imperative to build, maintain and protect a positive secure online image. First impressions are everything and you want to immediately capture and maintain the consumer’s attention. As this is a task that well exceeds a “40 hour work week”, it is wise to think about hiring an Online Reputation Management (ORM) company.

An Online Reputation Management team such as The Search Fixers will gain insight into what the public is saying or commenting on with regard to your site, product(s) or service(s). Any and all negative reviews can be pushed down and positive comments can be placed strategically to be seen first on search engine result pages.

The primary goals of a business owner are to bring in new customers, keep existing customers happy, and be profitable. The ORM plays a very important role in this by monitoring the website, gathering reviews and comments, reporting back to the business owner with conclusions and recommendations and developing an action plan.

With things changing so quickly in technology, keeping up with your website is almost impossible to accomplish alone. In reading an article written by Mohammed Farooq, entitled “Why Every Business Needs Online Reputation Management”, the more important points of employing an internet reputation repair team to monitor your website were brought to light. Those reasons include, but are not limited to, the following:

Customer’s written reviews are important as well as word of mouth referrals; the impact of those comments on the business’ bottom line; the global impact which leads to higher customer interaction; negative reviews can be bounced down; competitors will take advantage of those negative reviews; less chance of employees and/or interoffice personnel inadvertently making mistakes; and, The Freedom of Speech Act gives us the right to express our opinions.

He goes on to say that 68% of online customers trust reviews posted online and 86% of buyers are influenced by negative reviews. While only 24% of Americans have commented online, the effect of negative reviews and comments could cause disastrous results and in quick order. Following any negativity, your competitors will benefit as consumers will go elsewhere to find the product(s) or service(s) they are searching for. Equally as important as to fix bad reviews is to acknowledge them and be respectful to your customers to gain their trust back and to be as transparent as possible for the continuing development and growth of the company.

The bottom line is that by word of mouth referrals or by written reviews and comments, a business’ online reputation is at stake and must be monitored and studied on a consistent, ongoing, and aggressive schedule.