Hair Wen by Chaz’s Secret to Excellent

Hair is inherent to beauty, and it is common to have both men and women taking extra care of their hair. In many regards, hair determined how a person looks and feels which brings about the aspect of self-esteem. Therefore, it is true that hair determines the well-being of a human being based on how they feel. To women, it goes down further to the definition of beauty or lack of it though this is catching up with men. It is from this premise that hair receives attention through processes aimed to make it feel and look appealing.

Chemicals and other products are normally used in the processes mentioned above, and there are many brands to that effect. However, there are brands such as WEN by Chaz that get cult-like following based on their origin and manufacturers. WEN by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner developed by Chaz Dean with the aim of retaining natural hair. With the popularity of its hair products, WEN by Chaz is acclaimed to be “the best thing that happened” to its client’s hair. Based on praise from users, the hair line products have popularly spread among women in many markets. Many of its users are introduced by others close to them mainly through word of mouth based on personal experiences.

WEN by Chaz Dean ( hair products are developed to provide a natural and healthy hair as well as lifestyle. These hair products are also designed to give its users a great expression from the harmony and holistic approach to healthy hair. For example, the cleaning conditioning products are designed to revolutionize cleansing and hydrating hair. The 5 in 1 formula cleansing conditioner is known to cleanse hair without stripping it of its natural oils. From the above, WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner is sure to have people feeling healthy, revitalized and exuding self-confidence. Visit the brand’s Facebook page and Twitter account for more info.



Ferry settlement suit brought against Hawks former Insurer

The former owner of the NBA franchise, Atlanta Hawks LLC has filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. The breach of contract is alleged to have been made against the former manager of the company Dan Ferry. The company which owned Hawks before AHBE has decided to include controlling partner Bruce Levenson in the suit. However, the current ownership of the Hawk’s team is not included in the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, AHBE asserts that it had been insured against losses resulting from employment practices under a certain policy. According to this policy, coverage was to be offered for workplace torts and wrongful termination among other practices. The current ownership at Hawks stated that they were aware of the lawsuit and that it did not touch on the current running of the company. They declined to comment on the particulars of the case.

About Bruce Levenson

Before the current Principal owner of Hawks, Tony Ressler took the helm; Bruce Levenson was the owner of the team. He had been at the helm for four years, and the historic sale happened in 2014. Levenson was born in Washington DC. His academic journey started there but his family later moved to Maryland. He attended the Washington College and later the American University School of Law. The time at college is what encouraged his desire in the world of press. After college, his friend Ed Peskowitz and he started the UCG Corporation, a communications company.

The company, which was housed in their apartment building at first, became a huge success for them. After many years of investing in the corporation, he decided to branch out and invest in other sectors. He decided to but the Hawks Company. After four years at the helm of this company, he sold it at a huge profit, a deal that made it to the Forbes press. Bruce is a family man, and a philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community.




Why Arizona Investor Jason Hope is among the Best of Humankind

For some years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has steadily been gaining popularity in the world of technology. It simply means the connection of devices to each other through the internet. Arizona-based investor, futurist and philanthropist, Jason Hope is one of the most vocal and insightful people on the subject, giving the world a good dose of his futuristic trait.

According to him, the IoT is bound to change how every industry conducts its business. For instance, Jason Hope says, driving will never be the same again. There will be less distraction as drivers with connected vehicles will no longer have the temptation to go for the phone. In addition, app developers will cease to concentrate too much on new creations but improvement of the capacity of their technology to handle the increased need for sharing.

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Dedicated Philanthropist

Jason’s hand in the world of philanthropy can hardly be overlooked. As a patron for SENS Research Foundation, an establishment aimed at fighting aging by providing ways of repairing damage in the cellular and molecular make-up of the body, he has gone farther than most philanthropists are prepared to. He donated half-a-million dollars to the foundation not long after he began his involvement with it.

As a result of his donation, the Cambridge SENS laboratory was born and new research initiatives were put into practice. However, his monetary donations did not end at that. So far, he has added more than a million dollars to the initial contribution with the belief that the foundation holds the power to revolutionize pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries.

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A Sustained Effort

Hope continues to be on the look-out for organizations not only in need of his monetary contribution but also his time and effort in a bid to make the world a better place to live in. His helping hand has been felt in various organizations including Worldwide Orphans Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, T Gen Foundation, The Andre Agassi Foundation and the Arizona Science Center. He has provided assistance to the youth through Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix and other similar organizations.

Opening up Investment Opportunities

Hope recognizes the fact that the early stages of entrepreneurship are the hardest for young business people. He has, therefore, played a great role in helping them put their ideas into practice. He has offered not only financial support to high school and college students in their efforts to make their innovative ideas in the technology industry work but also provided invaluable insight in the quest to help realize young people’s dreams in the technological innovations industry.

Learn more about Jason Hope’s Grants here.


Jason has some of the best qualifications in the world of finances and investment. He earned his degree in finance from Arizona State University. W.P Carey School of Business in the same university saw him get his MBA. A combination of his educational background and his futuristic as well as philanthropic qualities brings him out as one of the best of mankind.

ClassDojo is the App that Build Better Communication

Teachers have a lot of different tools to work with. There are Pinterest websites for people that want to share ideas. Smartboards are also coming into classrooms and make the learning experience a lot more interactive. There are tablets, clicker programs for test takers and all types of new ways to reach students. What people will notice today is that there is a new level of communication that is also present with the way that parents respond to teachers. Apps have made it possible for a lot of people to stay connected with their friends. Now the ClassDojo app has made it possible for teachers and students to stay connected to one another. This is a powerful way for teachers to bridge the gaps and learn about the concerns of the parents.


The bridge building apps between educators and parents have been in the works for a long time, but now there is a finally an app that is worth talking about. ClassDojo is the app that is being used on a global level. There are more people that are signing up to use this application because it represents a high level of convenience for teachers. They get the chance to interact with other teachers and share ideas. There is a chance to communicate with parents. There is even a chance to communicate with the students through the app. This is the great thing about this app. It opens the doors to better communication, and it closes the door on excuses.




In the past some kids may have made excuses about losing homework. Some may have even said that they didn’t have any homework. In this day and age parents have access to a smart phone so they can download the apps like Class Dojo and get caught up on all that is happening in the classroom.




Parents that do not have the ability to make it to the school will not feel like bad parents anymore because they have access to what their children are doing. It is very interesting to see videos posted from a classroom. There are also people that will look at this as a platform to better communication with the teachers of their children. They get the chance to have a conversation through messages on the things that their children may need help on. This is what makes the software valuable to so many parents.


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Securus Installation Team Receives Accolades

Securus Technology has gained recognition for the services the company provides to prisons throughout the southern United States. By providing inmates with a means of communicating with loved ones and others Securus gives inmates a window into the outside world. The quality of Securus is so high the company’s installation team is now receiving the prestigious BICSI 1 certification. 11 of Securus Technology’s field specialists will receive the certification marking their excellence in service. The BICSI certification will allow Securus to mold its training standards around a better standard and continue to improve its services above its current excellence.


Securus has provided technology for prisons across America for over 30 years. Founded in 1986, the company focuses on providing inmates with various communication technologies. As technology in general has advanced so have the services Securus provides within prisons. Prisoners today can even use video chat services thanks to the work of Securus Technology and its specialists. The quality of Securus has enabled the company to maintain to dominate communication technology within the prison system. With a workforce of 1,000 employees working in 2600 prisons across America Securus Technology has invested $600 million in 3 years in technology patents, services, and acquisitions.


Welcome to the Evolution of Flavor With EOS Lip Balm!

EOS lip balm is the latest evolution in lip balms with such a flavorful array of 100% natural flavors. Each lip balm contains jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E to keep your lips smooth and soft. Evolution of Smooth lip balms can be purchased in both a colorful sphere or stick form, depending upon your preference. At less than $4.00 each, you can have more than one flavor to match your mood.

For those who prefer fruity flavors, they have Passion Fruit. It has all the taste of tropical essence combined with the sensation of a hot night in Brazil. Another wonderful flavor is the Blueberry Acai EOS Lip Balm. It is reminiscent of a cross between a blueberry and a grape. It is luscious! Other fruit flavors include Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Blackberry Nectar, Lemon Twist, or Fresh Grapefruit and Tangerine.

If you prefer a milder taste, there is an aromatic Vanilla Bean or a wonderful Vanilla Mint. They are subtle yet have all the flavor that EOS has become known for. Another milder flavored EOS Lip Balm is Sweet Mint. Sweet Mint is fragrant with a hint of mint floating across your lips. For those who like a little more exotic flavor, you can try Coconut Milk. It will remind you of sitting on a tropical beach with warm sunshine and lapping ocean waves sweeping you away.

EOS Lip Balms are hypoallergenic. They contain no parabens and are petroleum free. The essence of the smooth and luscious feel on your lips if from the combination of jojoba oil and shea butter combined with vitamin E for lip health. To find the flavor that is just for you go to or LuckyVitamin online shop. EOS Lip Balm has got just the right flavor for you.


Equities First Offers Stock Loans For Investors

In the wake of the 2008 banking crisis, many financial institutions are tightening their lending criteria, according to Market Wired. However, there is an alternative solution for investors needing to raise quick capital or who are unable to secure lenders the old fashioned way.


Using stock to secure loans is the latest trend. While this isn’t the only option, it seems to be the most popular, according to many investors.


There are some definite positives to these types of loans. Unlike margin loans, stock-based loans have a fixed interest rate and higher loan-to-value ratio. “These loans are innovative,” says CFH CEO Al Christy Jr. “One of the best things is that the lender can walk away from the loan without further obligation.”


Borrowers can also take advantage of margin loans. These loans are similar to stock-based loans but there are some basic requirements. The lender must provide proof that the loan will be used for a specific purpose, and there are pre-qualification requirements. On the downside, the lender’s collateral can be liquidated without notice.


Borrowers should also keep in mind that all loans have a certain risk. There are many unscrupulous lenders that have failed clients. Some has gone as far as dumping clients collateral and in some cases, keeping the stock. Borrowers should do their homework to ensure that their livelihood is in the hands of a reputable company.


 Equities First Holding has been helping investors for nearly 14 years. The talented team of industry professionals are committed to helping clients reach their goals. The company has completed $1.4 billion in transactions since its opening.


The company offers low fixed rates and a fast, efficient process. Equities First Holding has a main office in the U.S and global offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and Switzerland.


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Registered Investment Advisor Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions

An Investment advisory is a group from financial or investment organizations that are involved in asset management. The investment advisory does research and conveys information to managers or special clients. They also explain the investment ideas and discuss how it can be an investment solution for the company or its clients.

Investment advisory offer their services to private investors, trusts and businesses. Their role is to show individuals or groups the smartest places to invest their assets based on their research, knowledge and experience.

An independent advisory firm is part of a group of financial services firms called registered investment advisors or RIAs. Individual investment advisors can also be RIAs. To become a registered investment advisor an individual or organization must be registered, licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

A very important function of an investment advisor is to be aware of the unique goals, concerns and needs of each client. The investment advisor must custom-tailor investment solutions to help their clients reach those goals.

Unlike stockbrokers, investment advisors do not sell proprietary products. Their fiduciary duty is to act in their clients best interest. Their integrity and ethics must be without question. Many are paid a flat fee for their advice and given additional payments based on the success of their investment advice. To become an RIA an individual must pass the Uniform Investment advisor Law or Series 65 exam and have over $100 million in assets under management.

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions have been registered investment advisors for over 20 years. They’re based in Austin, Texas. A 1993 graduate of the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994.

His goal was to provide clients with objective and unbiased advice. Since founding the company Blair has gained additional knowledge and experience in the handling of retirement planning. Today he’s a specialist assisting his clients to move from retirement planning to living in retirement. He helps them avoid the many common pitfalls and offers them effective retirement income planning strategies to ensure a successful, comfortable retirement.

Along with his natural aptitude for finance, Blair has been successful in helping people with their investments and financial planning because of his advanced training. Not only is he an RIA, he’s also certified as an Annuity Specialist, Estate and Trust Specialist, Fund Specialist, Income Specialist, Tax Specialist and Retirement Income Professional.

IAP Worldwide Has A Long And Honorable History

Many companies have a history. A history can help company officials come to work and understand that what they do each day is what people in the company have done for many years. One company where people have been able to be inspired by the past is IAP Worldwide on Those at IAP Worldwide know that their company has weathered many eras and been able to deliver consistent services that have helped all of their clients benefit. IAP Worldwide know that they can keep the company moving forward as staffers here continue to face the challenges that come their way no matter what.

An Early Start

IAP Worldwide began as Pan Am Worldwide Services. Pan Am was a pioneering company that offered some of the most impressive and modern airline routes on Those who worked for the company back then were pioneers in the industry. The work of the company back then was all about offering people the opportunity to travel to new and interesting places. They brought a new level to travel that was also about luxury and service. Flying with Pan Am was glamorous and fun as well as exciting. Travelers were given the opportunity to be part of an enterprise where excellence was the order of the day. All those worked with the company during this era were about an enterprise that made dreams come true and helped make air travel safer on Facebook no matter where the traveler went. The work of this company during this time help set the standard for all that has come since that time, letting travelers understand just important they were to those who brought them along for the historic ride.

America’s First Space Launch

In addition to offering superior air service, those at IAP Worldwide are part of a system and a company that has a long and proud history when it comes to providing pioneering space program services. Their expertise has helped provide the kind of support necessary to enable more than two thousand space launches. With their help, Americans have been able to into space and see the world as it exists in space. Their experts know all there is to know about the world of flight. IAP specialized understanding is one that continues today as company officials offer the kind of help that the aviation industry needs. Expert advice is crucial and allows industry experts to make continued gains in this area.

FreedomPop, A Wireless Revolution

In 2011, Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar co-founded FreedomPop, a wireless talk, text, and data services provider. Their mission was simple; to provide basic mobile and data services to consumers for free, and to offer additional voice, text, and data services for as low as $4.99 a month. The only thing that was required of FreedomPop users was to bring their own device.

FreedomPop is considered to be an MVNO, a “Mobile Virtual Network Operator,” which means that they do not own their own wireless infrastructure, but instead buy their voice, text, and data at wholesale rates from network providers. In the beginning, FreedomPop used Lightsquared’s network, but abruptly ended their partnership after Lightsquared failed to receive approval to expand its network. Soon after, they switched to using Clearwire’s network. A year later, FreedomPop partnered with Sprint to begin offering their 3G and 4G services to Sprint compatible phones.

Up until this point, FreedomPop only provided their services to mobile phone users, but in July of 2014, they began offering their services to tablet users as well. FreedomPop had not yet unveiled their own devices, but in October of 2014, they released the first FreedomPop branded, low cost devices. These included smart phones and tablets, and not long after, Wi-fi hotspots.

Because FreedomPop is still a start up, they rely on funding from investors to improve, provide, and expand their company and their services. However, there have been talks of larger carriers, such as Sprint, buying them out. FreedomPop has rejected every acquisition request so far and has instead raised $30 million in funding from various investors in the last year. With part of this money, they plan to create a customer service center to further broaden their horizons.

Due to it’s free or low cost policy, and their low cost devices, FreedomPop is an option to consider for those who are tired of paying a premium for wireless service. Taking FreedomPop’s lead, larger network providers and mobile carriers have begun to cut down their own prices in order to keep up with the ever growing competition. While FreedomPop may be the first of it’s kind to provide these services at minimum prices, it certainly won’t be the last. Learn more from this review.

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